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Pier Luigi Lattuada

Giovanna Calabrese, editor director
Ilaria Cislaghi, editor and graphics
Patrizia Rita Pinoli, consulting editor
Eleonora Prazzoli, consulting editor
Silvia Lodrini, consulting editor
Claudia Castiglioni, graphical project

Jure Biechonsky, Estonia
Bernadette Blin-Lery, France
Lyudmila Scortesca, Moldova
Vitor Jose Rodrigues, Portugal
Magda Sole, Spain
Giovanna Calabrese, ITA
Ingrida Indane, Latvia
Vladimir Maykov, Russia
Regina Hess, Germany
Steven Schmitz, USA




Integral Transpersonal Journal is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal in print since 2010 and serves as the official publication of EUROTAS, the European Transpersonal Association.

For the next issues, ITJ editorial board will consider many contributions.

If you’d like to contribute writing articles or sharing a research/clinical experience with us and our readers please send your submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. following the author’s instruction here below.


Download the Authors' instructions


Publication policy
Text submitted for publication in any of the session (cfr. instructions) must be original, not published or under consideration for publication, in any format. Submission of a manuscript irrevocably grants explicit permission by the author for it to be published in ITJ. For articles to be published in the research or clinical report author must state that he/she has complied fully with BPS/APA ethical standards in the treatment of humans or animals studied and will have data available for examination for up to 5 years past the date of publication.


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