This Manifest has been introduced to the scientific community during the 11th Eurotas Conference in Milan, October 2009 and printed, in this integral version, here for the first time. The first draft of this document was written by Pier Luigi Lattuada and presented in 1999 in Milan during the International Conference, “The Tribe’s
Heritage”. This integral version includes contributions, posted on EUROTAS website during the 2009, or sent by mail to the main author, by: Regina Beller, Dan Winter, Marie Noelle Urech, Marco Avena, Rosemarie Anderson, Edmunds Jakovels, Ravi Gangadharaiah Nayaka, Juan Jose Diaz, Marion Hubbard, Marco Bertali, Fausto Sergej Sommer, Vitor Rodrigues, Ana Prodanovic, Davide Innocente, Francesco Pivato,
Patrizia Rita Pinoli, Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz. When we really want to know what we are doing, if we want to elaborate knowledge systems that can be assured as valid, if we want to increase our freedom and our “personal power”, we have to be conscious of which are the assumptions that lead us. The intent that guides this Transpersonal Manifest is that of writing a simple text which shows the common assumptions that can be shared by people operating on a Transpersonal field. These assumptions grow directly from Tradition, they are not invented. Scientists, artists, intellectuals, spiritual travellers, are invited to approve this document, if they identify themselves.


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