Integral Transpersonal Institute

Integral Transpersonal Institute (ITI) was founded in 2010, as a company that is responsible for managing the commercial activities of the Om Association network founded in 1982.


The Project

It is a project which aims to build a network of sharing a connection among individuals and groups of different nature can create a high-synergy where everyone can see their contribution, offered with love and awareness, to acquire an effectiveness multiplied by resonance between similar and intelligence of the heart who can drive with confidence and firmness over the interference of personal history and individuals interests.

ITI wants to establish itself as a place of training and therapy, research and information where learns and teaches, where, in listening, it transcends and includes, we free oneselves from the known and we proceed on that jourey to the Unit to which we wish to participate.

A journey from the cultural point of view, continues the work of Om with the aim to develop and promote, disseminate integral and transpersonal approach in the field of health, well-being, personal evolution and education.

A journey that knows how to return the correct names of things, the right name with words like: Science, Psyche, Theory, Soul, Spirit, Holy, Medicine, Empty, Love, just to name a few.


The Vision

The Integral Transpersonal Vision tells us about a way of being in the world and do the things that goes beyond appearances and that, as such, belongs to the heroic journey of anyone en route to the house, through valleys of passion and ignorance, the peaks of insights and impulses of the heart, nights of the soul and endless awakenings, deaths and rebirths, simply recognizes the humble attempt to free himself from his own personal history and drink from the source of being ( which some call God, others self, other heart).

A path whose practices are drawn from guidelines such as: awareness, synergy, sharing, resonance, interconnection, naturalness, respect, listening, contact, acceptance, responsibility, emotional mastery, self-knowledge. Guidelines moving from the intimate dialogue between both the worlds of consciousness and that of matter: on the one hand self-knowledge and respect for the natural processes of the body, the other the recognition of the sacredness of every living system, of environment that surrounds us.

With Einstein we believe that science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind.


The network

ITI manage following activities:

Om Association



Italian Society of Biotransenergetics (SIBTE)


Om Association

Om - Associazione per la Medicina e la Psicologia Transpersonale, was founded in Milan in 1982 by a group of doctors and psychologists whose intention was to make the individual aware of his own potential and spiritual dimension.

The clinical commitment and the theoretical processing in 1986 led to the creation of Biotransenergetics (BTE) and the Institute which deals with training, teaching and the study and research into new paradigme vision Traspersonal fields and Biotransenergetics. Over the years Om has also organised a strong series of courses, seminars and conferences as well as various International Conferences.

- Madness and the Divine, Turin 1988

- The magic of awareness, Lucca 1990

- Energy and Conscience, Abano Terme (Padova) 1995

- Inner Experiences, Milan 1996

- Trbe's Heritage, Milan 1999

- Beyond the  Mind, 11th EUROTAS CONFERENCE Milan 2009

- Feeding the Soul, I Milan Transpersonal Festival 2015



A training according to Biotransenergetics Methodology is like a journey. A journey that does not provide just knowledge, but wants to challenge, personal power, freedom, honor of his own nature. It's a matter of love and suffering, awareness and error, of death and rebirth and endless awakenings.


Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training
(Scuola di Formazione in Psicoterapia Transpersonale)

Four year post-graduation course
Full Accredited by Department of Education, University and research MIUR Departmental Act 30th May, 2002.

Transpersonal Counseling Training (Biotransenergetics Methodology)
Accredited by FAIP Counseling



ITI publishing, created to act as a publisher of reference of the Integral and Transpersonal vision in Italy that edit as well the Integral Transpersonal Journal, the official journal of EUROTAS, European Transpersonal Association and la Visione Sottile, magazine of the Association Om.


Italian Society of Biotransenergetics (SIBTE)

It is an institute of Om created in 86 that rules with a Code of Ethics and Professional List, of students in training, Counsleor, Counselor Trainer and Psychotherapists trained in accordance with the model of Biotransenergetics.



The seats are operated by psychotherapists or counselors trainer which are completely autonomous and responsible for the activities that take place in compliance with Om statutes and rules and Code of Ethics of the Sibte.

There are several locations in the area directed by the Managers office. The managers at headquarters, coordinate their activities in accordance with the Bylaws, Regulations and Code of Ethics of the Om Association and Sibte.

Seats are located in following cities: Milano, Padova, Bergamo, Varese Ligure, Roma, Lecce, Trento, Vicenza, Cagliari, Rimini, Ancona, Torino, Asti, Venezia.


Professional List (January 2015)

47 Licensed Transpersonal Psychotherapist

21 Licensed Trainer Counselor and Psychotherapist

57 Licensed Counselor

85 Students on Training


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