Biotransenergetics is a psycho-spiritual discipline which promotes the full expression of our "intimate nature or spiritual essence" and prefers to address the "qualities".

It finds its roots in the "primary tradition", fruit of the primordial yearning of the human being for understanding nature and harmonizing with it.

This original fit started the shamanism, the first "religions of nature", which are amoral and ecstatic and believe in a "fundamental unity of creation".

In brief, two are the most important elements in Biotransenergetics: the CONTACT and the TRANSE.

Being in "contact" with own essence means being able to grasp the fundamental unity of the creation inside oneself. We reach that contact when we learn to "stay" in front of ourselves instead of leaving.

"To stay" means to develop qualities such as the abilities of observation, listening, and acceptance. It means to develop his own firmness, his own intent, his own awareness and responsibility.

It is only in this way that we can recognize the stream of forces that live inside ourselves.

"Transe" means for us to actually become those forces rather than to oppose them. It means to develop qualities such as humility, sympathy, reliance, abandon, and love towards any manifestation of living being.

When we master the transe, we can "make one from two", which means to create the condition to overcome any conflict, that is just the contraposition between two opposite forces. When we master the transe, we become able to transform any enemy into an ally, any symptom into a message, any force into our own force.

We can get to know the forces of the earth, of the water, of the air, of the fire, and then harmonize with them.

We can consider every event: an emotion or a wish, an obsessing thought or a guardian angel as an entity which it is possible to enter the transe with.

When we master the transe, we can find our place among the forests and the ocean, among the animals and the stones, the waterfalls and the moon, and live all these things as a manifestation of God.


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